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October 2021

Novozymes launches a new ethanol yeast, Innova® Quantum, with unparalleled performance  

Innova® Quantum boosts ethanol yield further than ever before, even under the most challenging industrial fermentation conditions.

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Winner – Australian Technologies Competition (ATC21)

MicroBioGen wins the Energy Award at the Australian Technologies Competition. A recording of the winners event can be viewed here (with the announcement that MicroBioGen won at 24:50).

Winner – 2021 Premier’s NSW Export Awards

MicroBioGen wins the 2021 Premier’s NSW Export Awards (Sustainability Category). This Award celebrates our international success in the development of industry-leading yeast to produce renewable fuel. The Export Council of Australia has released a recording of the winners event, accessible via this link.


MicroBioGen successfully develops unique yeast strain that efficiently converts non-food biomass to bioethanol and food, while reducing carbon emissions.

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July 2021

Pumping up the power for ethanol production

MicroBioGen partner Novozymes reveals Innova® Element, the latest and most powerful yet in our co-developed Innova® series of ethanol yeasts. Element boasts the same industry-leading robustness characteristic of other Innova strains, with a 2% increase in ethanol yield. Powering through high levels of ethanol and organic acids under temperatures ranging up to 36oC, Element neatly finishes off fermentations on time while converting more starch and glucose than ever before.

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February 2021

MicroBioGen wins 2020 CCBJ Business Achievement Award for COVID Resilience & Business Growth.

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January 2021

MicroBioGen has a new look

We are excited to reveal our brand new logo and website.

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February 2020

Novozymes launches a super robust, non-GM yeast (Innova® Fit) in the US 

Innova® Fit is the fourth launch from the Innova® platform, which has quickly become the industry benchmark.

Featured on: 

Novozymes website

Labiotech Newsletter

Ethanol Producer Magazine

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December 2019

MicroBioGen wins the Australian Export Awards

MicroBioGen wins the Minerals, Energy and Related Services division of the 57th Australian Export Awards.

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October 2019

MicroBioGen wins the NSW Export Awards

MicroBioGen wins the Minerals, Energy and Related Services section of the Premier’s NSW Export Awards.

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August 2019

Novozymes launches the next yeast in the Innova® platform developed by MicroBioGen

Novozymes Announcement: Innova® Fit is the first fully non-GM yeast that will initially be sold in South America. The CEO of Novozymes made the following comments about the Innova yeast platform on the Investor call on the 8th of August 2019. “I think it is maybe not fully appreciated that we have actually grown a very significant yeast market and been very successful in the yeast market in the US and expect that these launches will continue to enable growth in the yeast market in the US so this is not a zero sum game or even a negative game, even if volumes go down, it is a plus game because we are really, really adding a lot of successful innovation to the yeast space.”

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June 2019

Novozymes launches its next product in the Yeast platform developed in conjunction with MicroBioGen  

Novozymes announcement: The next generation yeast is Innova® Force.

Featured on:

Ethanol Producer Magazine

Green Car Congress 

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April 2019

MicroBioGen uses the directed evolution of yeast to solve the problem of producing lignocellulosic bioethanol at industrial scale.

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October 2018

Novozymes launches Innova® Lift – Second yeast biocatalyst product in collaboration with MicroBioGen.​

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September 2018

MicroBioGen named finalist at the NSW Export Awards

MicroBioGen named finalist in the NSW International Development category.

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February 2018

Novozymes launches Innova® Drive – First yeast biocatalyst product in collaboration with MicroBioGen.

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November 2017

MicroBioGen receives A$4M ARENA grant for optimisation of Gen II Yeast Biocatalysts.

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