• Innovative yeast technology solutions
    Evolutionary technology. Revolutionary impact.

Join us in our mission to develop sustainable biological solutions for our finite world

  • Embark on a unique career path with a company that is creating positive environmental and economic impacts globally
  • Immerse yourself in an R&D environment where you will be encouraged to learn and develop new ideas aimed at enabling partners and customers make more from less
  • Receive mentorship to support and guide you through your career with MicroBioGen
  • Learn directly from, and work with, some of Australia’s leading researchers, drawing on decades of research and development experience
  • Discover a workplace that is nimble, a key to our success in rapidly changing markets
  • Experience a fair, meritocratic and transparent performance and reward system; your efforts and contribution will not go unnoticed
  • Enjoy job security at a well-established, successful firm with a bright future
  • Engage with a team of hard-working, high-performing individuals, and have fun at the same time

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