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MicroBioGen wins 2020 CCBJ Business Achievement Award
for COVID Resilience & Business Growth

MicroBioGen is proud to have won a CCBJ Business Achievement Award for COVID Resilience & Business Growth. We would like to thank all our stakeholders, collaborators, investors, and employees for your ongoing support. Without you, MicroBioGen’s exceptional performance during one of the most difficult times for businesses across the globe, where layoffs and bankruptcy have become the new normal, would not have been possible.

This award was given to MicroBioGen, because, despite a significant decrease in the global demand for transport fuels during 2020, we continued to fully remunerate all our employees and even added to our payroll. And, throughout the worst of the pandemic, we have managed to maintain the safety and loyalty of all our valued employees.

We are even more proud of the superb response from our workforce in learning how to perform more efficiently under the unusual circumstances brought about by the COVID pandemic. As a direct result of our employees’ combined efforts during this difficult time, our total research output has declined by only 20%, compared to a 50% reduction in the number of laboratory hours worked. A significant positive outcome has been the identification of previous bottlenecks in our laboratory. These have been addressed through new equipment purchases, and we expect continued higher laboratory worker efficiencies even after COVID-19 is over.

Additionally, we have come up with a potential solution to maximise the value of excess renewable energy generated in areas of high insolation. If you are interested in pursuing this exciting new venture alongside us as a collaborator, please contact us for a confidential discussion.