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Baker’s yeast

Bread is one of the key staples for human nutrition. After 6000 years of human use and only modest change, MicroBioGen is ready to revolutionise the baking industry over the next decade. After almost two decades of development, we can incorporate multiple new features into Baker’s Yeast. We have developed a variety of improved genetics through non-GMO technology that can be incorporated naturally into baker’s yeast strains to enhance the flavour, texture, or nutritional content of dough whilst reducing production costs and increasing process efficiency.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to include these new, desirable and non-GMO features into your own Baker’s Yeast strains. Key features that can be added into your Baker’s Yeast while retaining all the key industrial characteristics bakeries value:

  • Growing at a pH of 1
  • Organic acid resistance
  • Temperature tolerance
  • Super stability
  • Grow on non-sugar substrates
  • Multi-enzyme expression
  • General robustness
  • Low nutrient requirement phenotype
  • All enhancements are completely non-GMO