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Enhanced, Clean Label friendly Baker’s yeast

Bread is one of the key staples for human nutrition. Interestingly, even after 6000 years of human use, only modest changes have been made to Baker’s yeast.

MicroBioGen’s technology and unique yeast genetics will soon revolutionise the baking industry. With our proprietary expertise in yeast development, we have developed the ability to incorporate multiple new features into Baker’s Yeast, providing the industry with increased process efficiency and reduced production costs.

Over the past two decades, we have developed an extensive range of improved genetics through our unique non-GMO technology. These new genetics can be incorporated into baker’s yeast strains naturally to enhance the flavour, texture, or nutritional content of the different doughs they are used for. 

Some features we have developed include:

  • Growing at a pH of 1
  • Organic acid resistance
  • Temperature tolerance
  • Super stability
  • Grow on non-sugar substrates
  • Multi-enzyme expression
  • General robustness
  • Low nutrient requirement phenotype
  • All enhancements are completely non-GMO