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Converting Power to Protein

Increasing electricity produced by wind and solar is presenting an opportunity to convert power into protein. MicroBioGen has developed a conceptual process that could take advantage of this opportunity. 

Our nutritionally balanced Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast is the ideal animal feed. It is high in protein and can be produced using our unique process at 500 times the efficiency of current food crops. Importantly, our Power to Protein project provides the first opportunity for humanity to sidestep our total dependence on photosynthesis as the foundation for all human calorie and nutritional requirements. Simply put, our technology decreases humanity’s reliance on crops, which – in a world increasingly impacted by climate change – provides an alternative for a sustainable future.

Key features of our process include:

  • Minimal nutrient requirement yeast
  • Ability to grow on non-sugars
  • Optimised amino acid profile
  • GRAS organism that is robust
  • Super stable
  • Can be a dried product
  • Retains capacity to produce alcohol if required (biochemical precursor)
  • Requires less water than crops
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