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2nd Generation Biofuels

Biomass converted to Fuel AND Food

2nd Generation biofuels are produced from the non-food portions of a plant and therefore provide the opportunity to increase ethanol yield. While traditional yeasts and biocatalysts struggle under difficult fermentation conditions, MicroBioGen’s advanced yeast technology has overcome this hurdle.

The second major advancement is that MicroBioGen optimised yeast can be grown on their own waste stream. As a result, high quality food AND fuel can be produced from non-food sources.

The Australian Federal Government supported MicroBioGen, in collaboration with a large global partner, to optimise this biocatalyst through an A$8M project. Read more at ARENA.

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With MicroBioGen’s Food and Fuel Biorefinery Concept, three valuable products can be produced; 1. Ethanol; 2. Feed; and 3. Energy.
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Commonwealth Government funding through the Second Generation Biofuels Research and Development Grant Program supports this Project.