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Wine yeast

In contrast to biofuel production where ethanol yield is king and glycerol is the enemy, in wine making, a poor ethanol yield and high glycerol production can be advantageous.

Our yeast technology features yeast strains with exceptionally high alcohol tolerance and low nutritional requirements – a useful feature if you would like to produce wines that are higher in alcohol. While this is already a special feature on its own, our yeast can be further enhanced through our expertly developed in-house breeding technology (in other words, without the need for genetic engineering) to produce wine that is: smoother (by including special features from our high glycerol yeast), richer in antioxidants (such as glutathione), and lower in undesirable by-products such as fusel oils (which means fewer hangovers). Package any, or all, of these features into a single yeast that can also be dried for easy storage and distribution, and give yourself a competitive advantage in the global wine industry.

Key non-GM genetics developed:

  • High alcohol tolerance
  • Low pH tolerance
  • Stable fermentation over a broad temperature range
  • High glutathione levels
  • High glycerol/low alcohol production
  • Fast/slow fermentation
  • Enhanced fructose fermentation for dry wines
  • Multi-enzyme expression

Available for collaboration without GM constructs incorporated into the program.