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MicroBioGen has developed numerous yeast features that may prove beneficial in the production of biochemicals.

As the world transitions away from fossil fuels and chemicals derived from fossil sources, substitutes will be required.  The primary source of molecules to replace the fossil inputs is expected to come from biomass.  Once the biomass has been broken down into its component sugars, a biocatalyst will be required to convert those sugars to biochemical building blocks.  While MicroBioGen biocatalysts already lead the world in ethanol production (a key biochemical building block), other building blocks are also required.  These include lactic acid and succinic acid amongst others.

Key features developed:

  • Low pH resistance – down to pH1
  • Exceptional organic acid resistance
  • Temperature tolerance
  • Hydrolysate resistance
  • Grow on non-sugar substrates
  • Low nutrient requirement phenotype

Our biochemicals program is available for collaboration with or without GM constructs incorporated.

If you are interested in collaborating with us to develop yeasts for the enhanced production of biochemicals, please let us know and contact us today.