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1st Generation Biofuels

MicroBioGen is proudly partnered with Novozymes in the improved production of 1st generation bioethanol. Our highly advanced, robust yeast platform technology has been employed since early 2015, significantly improving the ethanol yields of many bioethanol plants in the Americas.

Through our successful collaboration with Novozymes, we have been able to overcome major challenges faced by starch ethanol plants around the world. For example, our yeast demonstrates stress tolerance at a level the industry has never seen before, while still accomplishing higher ethanol yields. Even while facing multiple stressors, such as accumulating organic acids, high ethanol concentrations and soaring temperatures ranging up to 40°C, our yeast perform exceptionally well.

Our success story does not end here, however. We are continually improving our yeast technology, tailoring it to newly arising challenges, thus bringing endless possibilities to more ethanol plants to maximise their efficiency and sustainability into the future.

The Novozymes Innova suite of products is built on the MicroBioGen yeast platform. For more information, please visit our partner Novozymes. The following excerpts are from Novozymes’ website:

  • Innova® Drive Faster and tougher, Innova® Drive helps ethanol producers get more from their raw materials.
  • Innova® Lift responds to ethanol producers looking for greater stress tolerance and better yields.
  • Innova® Fit is helping ethanol producers break bottlenecks, while creating plant efficiencies. Fit is the fourth launch from the Innova® platform, which has quickly become the industry benchmark.
  • Innova® Element yeast was developed specifically to increase ethanol yield. Higher yield. High throughput. Trusted toughness.
  • Innova® Quantum boosts ethanol yield further than ever before, even under the most challenging industrial fermentation conditions.