• Innovative yeast technology solutions
    Evolutionary technology. Revolutionary impact.

MicroBioGen’s unique platform technology, developed over 20+ years, enables us to incorporate multiple desired traits into a single yeast strain, without sacrificing its robustness or industrial utility. Our technological advantage has already been proven by Novozymes in at least 25% of ethanol plants throughout North America. Alongside this success, full-scale trials are scheduled to commence in the next generation of biofuels. While we continue to provide and improve superior yeast strains for the biofuels industry, our technology is highly adaptable and extends far beyond ethanol production. We have developed yeast strains that are ideal for human applications such as baking, and full-scale trials will be starting soon. Our advanced technology, genetics expertise and collaborative spirit can also be brought into other industry partnerships to produce cutting-edge enzymes, biochemicals, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, animal feed, wine and beer amongst others. Through our unique ability to combine non-GM and GM approaches, we are continually improving the genetic profiles of yeast, thereby providing our partners and customers with absolute flexibility and an ongoing competitive and sustainable advantage.